My Exclusive "Buyer Rebate" Program also can be used on the purchase of an existing home (also applies to Zero Down homes)

You are a smart Buyer - you have already identified candidate homes using,, or  

What Now?

You will drive by and determine which properties you would like to see.
Next, contact me and I will then make arrangements to show you the home/s and assist you with negotiations and all aspects of your purchase and closing.  (as your Representative) 

To show my appreciation for doing business with me I am now offering a rebate of 50% of my commission, paid to you, at closing. (see example below)

Example - on the purchase a $200,000 home, the “cash rebate” to you at closing would be $3,000.

Note: Assumes Seller is paying a minimum 6% to their Listing Broker to sell their home.