Receive 50% of my commission, in CASH, at Closing. Saving you Thousands $$  ​This would be $4,000 on a $300,000 home. (based on the normal commission of 3%)

(Use this cash any way you choose - closing costs, furniture, appliances, etc)

Contact me in advance and let me know which developments you would like to visit.

We will meet at the sales office where you will register as a possible Buyer. In order to receive your rebate, I will register as your Agent. 

Note:  this does not change the price you will pay as the Builder has already included a commission into their price.

You will then be assigned a Salesperson (representing the builder).  They will show you their "inventory homes". If you decide you would like a custom home built, they can also assist you in your site selection and with the many other decisions necessary to make it uniquely yours!

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Rebates to Buyers are 100% Legal in Florida